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Ahhhhh it feel SO surreal to be writing this post!! January 1st marks an official one year of business completely full time for me! I cannot express the gratitude and pride I am feeling today. This career path started as a dream in high school, and over time it has definitely evolved into a full blown passion!

I did almost 200 photo shoots this year. TWO. HUNDRED. That is absolutely crazy to me!! I am so thankful to every single client and friend that has booked me to capture the most important moments in their lifetimes. It feels like such an honor to know that my artwork is going to be looked at for years and years to come. I couldn’t imagine a more fulfilling career path. I wanted to include EVERY single shoot from this year in this post, so below you can find a giant collage of everything and everyone I photographed this year!! (I’m still finishing up the end of December’s editing, but y’all are still in there! It’s a little sneak peek :)).

Even though this is one “official” full year of full time business for me, this is actually marking my NINTH year in the photography industry. This year is extra important to me because it’s the first time I’ve been doing nothing but taking photos!! I’ve always been a retail worker, a student, a barista, a waitress, etc. AND a photographer. It feels so weird to be able to say I’m only a photographer now!

I’ve just booked 7 past my goal for weddings next year, so I can only imagine how much fun and how awesome 2023 is about to be for me. I already have so many amazing travel plans too, including a styled photo session at Lake Tahoe!!

Because of photography I was able to move into a house, buy a new car, adopt another fur baby (we’re up to three cats and a dog now!), pursue so many personal hobbies, and travel almost once per month in 2022. My camera took me to Los Angeles, Anaheim, Disney Land AND World, Malibu, Nashville, Miami, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, and more! I was also able to spend so much time with the people I love, which means the world to me.

If you’ve ever supported my business in any way – THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I’ve been working towards this goal of being a full time photographer since 9th grade, and it feels so surreal to finally be here. I can’t wait for another year of learning, growth, opportunity, travel, and most importantly – love!
See you in 2023! <3


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