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Juleri & Erika // Mother Daughter Session // Savannah, GA Family Photography

Ever since the first time I visited Skidaway Island Park in Savannah, Georgia I just KNEW I had to shoot a styled session there. The huge trees, the palm bushes, the algae covered water, and the glowing Spanish moss was all calling my name! I started to brainstorm what would look perfect in that environment, and I decided on a fluffy gown with a flower crown (which, by the way, are much easier to make than you’d think)! I hit up one of my best friends, Erika, and asked her if her and her beautiful daughter would want to model for me. She was ecstatic, so, I got to planning. After a few months, we came up with this beautiful look and my amazing friend Crystal, of Crystal Nicole Artistry, styled their hair & makeup for me. I’m so pleased with the outcome of this, and if you’re looking for a new spot in Savannah to visit don’t hesitate to check out Skidaway Island! It’s absolutely fabulous.

A cute little deer just happened to wanna be in the photos :’)

  1. Erika says:

    It looks amazing lady i just got into this today sorry for the late comment. I hope still ensure all those hesitant to mother – daughter session with you to book it. I enjoyed every bit off the session and you was a very personal and focused photographer. Loved the whole fairytale idea. Thanks for doing this with us it was my first session ever with her and it was a great one.

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