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The Importance of Photographs

A lot of my about me page is a discussion of what photographs mean to me, but I think this series expresses that thought process more than anything. 

When first told my grandfather was sick, I immediately wanted to do a photo shoot of him to capture who he was, and to remember him in a light that showed off his best qualities. I did this personal portrait project of him around Christmas time for my portraiture class. The entire time he kept asking “why do you want pictures of ME?” and insisted I photographed him with his favorite pin up girl and railroad decor. He was laughing and posing with his cigarettes, and hung up the first photo in a 13×19 frame on his wall. He saved the rest and put them in an album he made of his wife, Carol, who recently passed last year.


One of the reasons I love photography is because I was able to capture my grandfather as he was. Photos are the only way we can remember people exactly as they were; they freeze moments and time. He was showing me all of his film photography of railroads and trains that he shot when he was younger. Photography is a way to save memories, things, & the people who mean the most to us. That is why I continue to stress how important photographs are. Why having someone take professional photos and printing them out, putting them in albums, and sharing them with younger generations means the world.


Rest in peace, Pap Pap. 

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